Wavebender: A Story of Daniel au Rond by Tom ShachtmanWAVEBENDER: A STORY OF DANIEL AU FOND. Illustrated by Jamichael Henterly.

“A gripping, well-researched novel that explains the day-to-day existence of a sea lion; a nature story full of life and certainly worth reading.” School Library Journal

Shachtman introduced readers to a sea lion named Daniel au Fond in his first book, Beachmaster ; Wavebender is the continuation of his adventures. In an unpretentious, easy-to-read style, Shachtman’s characters describe the struggle of survival in the ocean where reality is harsh and unforgiving. Often the narrative is vividly descriptive. For instance, in one episode Daniel depicts the anguish of a whale harpooned by the bipeds (man). Readers share with Daniel the horror of the incident: the explosion, the cries of agony. Wavebender is a gripping, well-researched novel that explains the day-to-day existence of a sea lion: a nature story full of life and certainly worth reading. –L. R. Little, Penticton Public Library, B.C., Canada, School Library Journal

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Driftwhistler by Tom ShachtmanDRIFTWHISTLER: A STORY OF DANIEL AU FOND, by Tom Shachtman. Illustrated by Jamichael Henterly.

DRIFTWHISTLER is the culmination of a compelling fantasy trilogy, a rousing adventure that is also an eloquent call for a world in which sea mammals and humans share mutual respect.

In BEACHMASTER and WAVEBENDER, Daniel au Fond entered legend by creating a giant icon in the icy north, and by organizing a pod of whales to break up a tidal wave. Now, in his greatest challenge, he must become a “driftwhistler,” able to gather all thirteen tribes of sea mammals, from sea lions to orcas, whales, and polar bears, to brave monsters of the deep, harvest a deadly but valuable black flower, and penetrate the dark secrets of the planet’s past – and hopes for the future – locked in the heart of the long-lost haven of Pacifica.

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Image By Design

Image By Design by Clive Chajet, Tom ShachtmanIMAGE BY DESIGN: FROM CORPORATE VISION TO BUSINESS REALITY, by Clive Chajet and Tom Shachtman

A company’s image is a vital corporate asset and can make all the difference in a competitive marketplace. However, observes Clive Chajet, America’s leading expert on image management and corporate identity, corporate image is all too often undervalued and, even worse, ignored.

In this insightful book, Chajet and Shachtman tell the stories of such “image by design” successes as Coca-Cola, Humana Hospitals, Amtrak, NYNEX, Infiniti automobiles, and many other corporate image campaigns managed by Chajet’s company, Lippincott & Margulies.

“One of the most thorough treatments of this critically important management function yet compiled. Especially relevant is Chajet’s insistence that imagery match reality. It’s not enough to say you are a caring company. That value system must emanate, by design, from the very core of the organization and be exhibited through consistently trustworthy behavior.” – Ralph S. Larsen, Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson.

“IMAGE BY DESIGN really tells is like it is. Images, or a company’s promotion, must match its product – no better, no worse. Clive Chajet makes that interestingly clear in this no-nonsense approach to image-making.” — Al Neuharth, founder, USA Today.

“Clive Chajet is a master at probing the corporate psyche and prescribing a name change to cure what ails it. How his firm comes up with ‘total identity systems’ for the cream of corporate America makes for fascinating (and somewhat scary) reading.” — Rance Crain, President and Editorial Director, Crain’s.

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I Have Lived in the Monster

I Have Lived in the Monster by Robert K. Ressler, tom ShachtmanI Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

From their gruesome, body-strewn lairs, to the darkest regions of their twisted psyches, Robert K. Ressler shows you serial killers as you’ve never seen them before.

In his phenomenally successful Whoever Fights Monsters, Robert K. Ressler examined his brilliant twenty-year career hunting down killers for the FBI. Now, delving deeper than ever before into the criminal mind, Ressler recounts his years since leaving the FBI, working as an independent criminal profiler on some of the most famous serial murder cases of our day.

Ingeniously piecing together clues from crime scenes, along with killing patterns and methods, Ressler explains his role in assisting the investigations of such perplexing international cases as England’s Wimbledon Common killing, the ABC Murders in South Africa, and the deadly gassing of Japan’s subway. We’re also witness to Ressler’s fascinating, in-depth interviews with John Wayne Gacy, the first and last one America’s most prolific serial killer would ever grant, plus a shockingly candid discussion with “cannibal killer” Jeffrey Dahmer.

Daring to understand the depraved minds of serial killers, Robert K. Ressler returns from the deepest abyss with an unforgettable account that is as riveting as it is shocking.

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Video Power

Video Power by Tom Shachtman, Harriet ShelareVideo Power: A Complete Guide to Writing, Planning, and Shooting Videos (An Owlet Book) by Tom Shachtman, Harriet Shelare

“Designed to give the high school student general information on how to present ideas in video format, this book … [emphasizes] preparation and planning in order to produce a complete and visually interesting video. The authors’ writing is clear; their presentation logical. An excellent addition to any collection where teens might express an interest in this medium.” Kirkus Reviews

Grade 5-9 A wealth of information for advanced video users. The first chapters provide a brief introduction to the development of videos. Then, readers are taken through a useful discussion of how to develop a fiction or nonfiction video. Students are given a variety of ideas concerning how to shoot various scenes and tips on script writing. Next comes data on the complete video system: information is provided on the types of camera shots, lighting, and lenses. Picture composition is also explained in detail. Different types of microphones are presented and discussed. Information concerning kinds of clothing to wear, makeup hints, and scenery tips are also included. The final chapters discuss the art of editing. The book ends with a listing of places which could serve as audiences for the video. Details on contests, providing video production services for hire, and further education fill the final chapter. Students using this book will need a background in video production before really putting the information gained here to work. However, Video Power is well done and full of useful production information. Joanne Troutner, Tippecanoe School Corp., Lafayette, Ind. School Library Journal

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The President Builds A House

The President Builds A House Text by Tom ShachtmanTHE PRESIDENT BUILDS A HOUSE, The Work of Habitat For Humanity

“Shachtman traces the building of 20 houses in Atlanta in just five days. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter’s participation is nicely integrated into and does not overshadow the presentation.” ALA Booklist

“Readers … will gain a great deal of understanding about what it takes to make a house a home.” School Library Journal

“This inspiring photoessay delivers a powerful message about cross-cultural cooperation. A copy belongs in every school and public library.” The Kobrin Letter

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Straight To The Top

Straight To The Top by Paul G. Stern, Tom ShachtmanSTRAIGHT TO THE TOP: BEYOND LOYALTY, GAMESMANSHIP, MENTORS, AND OTHER CORPORATE MYTHS. By Paul G. Stern and Tom Shachtman.

“There’s no such thing as corporate loyalty.” “It’s up to you to manage your boss.” “Train yourself not to be afraid of getting fired.” These anti-establishment concepts may sound strange coming from a man who was promoted 14 times at IBM in 7 years, and whose positions include President and COO of Burroughs, President of Unisys, CEO of Northern Telecom, and CEO of Braun – all by age fifty. Yet he used these and other strategies to manage his own career, to become not only a wealthy man but also one of the country’s most respected executives. In a sophisticated insider’s book that goes beyond the ordinary career guides, Stern provides ambitious corporate employees with the detailed, comprehensive advice they need to move of the ladder of management and into the elite circles at the top. From visualizing long-term goals, to picking the right assignments, to coping with corporate gamesmen, to the nitty-gritty of hiring and firing … it’s all here.

“A book for the aggressively ambitious. Stern prescribes his own potent brand of career advice. Judiciously followed his suggestions could prove effective in cutting through much of today’s corporate underbrush and deadwood.” – Booklist

“Down to earth …. Highly readable …. Singularly practical … a lively attack on red-tape bureaucracy and timid management.” – Publisher’s Weekly

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