Straight To The Top

Straight To The Top by Paul G. Stern, Tom ShachtmanSTRAIGHT TO THE TOP: BEYOND LOYALTY, GAMESMANSHIP, MENTORS, AND OTHER CORPORATE MYTHS. By Paul G. Stern and Tom Shachtman.

“There’s no such thing as corporate loyalty.” “It’s up to you to manage your boss.” “Train yourself not to be afraid of getting fired.” These anti-establishment concepts may sound strange coming from a man who was promoted 14 times at IBM in 7 years, and whose positions include President and COO of Burroughs, President of Unisys, CEO of Northern Telecom, and CEO of Braun – all by age fifty. Yet he used these and other strategies to manage his own career, to become not only a wealthy man but also one of the country’s most respected executives. In a sophisticated insider’s book that goes beyond the ordinary career guides, Stern provides ambitious corporate employees with the detailed, comprehensive advice they need to move of the ladder of management and into the elite circles at the top. From visualizing long-term goals, to picking the right assignments, to coping with corporate gamesmen, to the nitty-gritty of hiring and firing … it’s all here.

“A book for the aggressively ambitious. Stern prescribes his own potent brand of career advice. Judiciously followed his suggestions could prove effective in cutting through much of today’s corporate underbrush and deadwood.” – Booklist

“Down to earth …. Highly readable …. Singularly practical … a lively attack on red-tape bureaucracy and timid management.” – Publisher’s Weekly

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