Video Power

Video Power by Tom Shachtman, Harriet ShelareVideo Power: A Complete Guide to Writing, Planning, and Shooting Videos (An Owlet Book) by Tom Shachtman, Harriet Shelare

“Designed to give the high school student general information on how to present ideas in video format, this book … [emphasizes] preparation and planning in order to produce a complete and visually interesting video. The authors’ writing is clear; their presentation logical. An excellent addition to any collection where teens might express an interest in this medium.” Kirkus Reviews

Grade 5-9 A wealth of information for advanced video users. The first chapters provide a brief introduction to the development of videos. Then, readers are taken through a useful discussion of how to develop a fiction or nonfiction video. Students are given a variety of ideas concerning how to shoot various scenes and tips on script writing. Next comes data on the complete video system: information is provided on the types of camera shots, lighting, and lenses. Picture composition is also explained in detail. Different types of microphones are presented and discussed. Information concerning kinds of clothing to wear, makeup hints, and scenery tips are also included. The final chapters discuss the art of editing. The book ends with a listing of places which could serve as audiences for the video. Details on contests, providing video production services for hire, and further education fill the final chapter. Students using this book will need a background in video production before really putting the information gained here to work. However, Video Power is well done and full of useful production information. Joanne Troutner, Tippecanoe School Corp., Lafayette, Ind. School Library Journal

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