The Day America Crashed

The Day America Crashed by Tom ShachtmanTHE DAY AMERICA CRASHED: A Narrative Account of the Great Stock Market Crash of October 24, 1929.

Something happened on a fall day in 1929 that permanently altered the direction of the nation’s history and scarred the lives of an entire generation of Americans. October 24, “Black Thursday” was not only the day of the stock market crash; it was the day that the Roaring Twenties fell silent, and the nation began its slide into a decade of depression.

This hour-by-hour narrative documentary book, based on the personal recollections of hundreds of individuals, reconstructs the events of the fateful day as they affected the rich and powerful bankers and brokers of Wall Street, the small investors and businessmen, the farmers, and the multitude of white- and blue-collar workers across the country. Into the narrative also are folded capsules that together give a broader snapshot of what life was like in America at that time.

“Shachtman is able to convey the profound and extensive sense of shock that altered the prevailing psychology of the times.” The New York Times

“A sensitive evocation of Black Thursday’s market drama.” Barron’s

“An enlightening account of a dark and almost unbelievable day.” Dallas Morning News

“Absorbing, impressively researched.” Publishers Weekly

“The best of the three [books on the Crash].” Detroit Free Press

“Shachtman manages to make all of this clear, even to those of us who know nothing of how the market operates.” Memphis Commercial Appeal

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