The FBI-KGB War by Robert J. Lamphere with Tom ShachtmanTHE FBI-KGB WAR: A Special Agent’s Story, by Robert J. Lamphere and Tom Shachtman.

This is the inside story of the leader of the FBI’s counterintelligence unit during the height of the Cold War, and a personal account of the man who uncovered and broke the Russian atomic-spy ring centered around Julius Rosenberg. It also includes Lamphere’s recollections of earlier espionage cases involving Judith Coplon, Gerhardt Eisler and others, and a special sections about Kim Philby, the Russian double-agent inside of British intelligence who for a time sat at a desk opposite Lamphere at FBI headquarters in Washington.

“This is a lively, fascinating and careful treatment of superpower spying in the atomic age …. Few contributions to this subject are likely to be of greater value.” Wall Street Journal

“With sections as good as le Carré, a fascinating look at the world of espionage and counterespionage.” Kirkus Reviews

“Lamphere’s interesting and highly readable story (put together by Tom Shachtman) forces us to confront the stereotypical image of the FBI held by so many liberals.” The New Republic

“A narrative as riveting as any spy thriller.” Newsday

“Kudos should go to Tom Shachtman, Lamphere’s ‘ghost,’ for a well written, meticulously researched manuscript on a subject of international interest and concern.” San Diego Union

For a glimpse into Bob’s extraordinary life, see The New York Times’ obituary.

The CIA praised THE FBI-KGB WAR as the most important and detailed book ever written on the activities of the KGB and FBI.

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