The Phony War

The Phony War-1939-1940 by Tom ShachtmanTHE PHONY WAR, 1939-1940.

Between the time that Germany and the Soviet Union carved up Poland between them, in September of 1939, and the invasion of France and the Low Countries by Germany in May of 1940 was a period in which the war fell into a lull, eight months that became known as “the phony war.” This book tells the story of that period. Rather than being a time in which nothing was happening, it was a period that determined the entire later course of the war.

“Tom Shachtman tells the story … with haunting eloquence.” New York Times Book Review

“Superbly told and cleanly written … moves quickly and engagingly … opens with a brilliant sequence in which a series of lavish parties are described.” Baltimore Sun

“An excellent narrative that describes [the period] in brilliant detail.” Charleston Evening Post

“Panoramic popular history … vivid description …. He’s dug into the archives for a view from the top and excerpted autobiographies for the experience of ordinary people.” Publishers Weekly

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